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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND HOW RUSSIAN SECRET SERVICES INFLUENCED OUR MODERN WORLD.Oleg Grechenevsky and I are registered on the LinkedIn network. Oleg was one of the profiles suggested to me by the site. One day, I asked him to join my group. I discovered that he had written a fairly critical book on the KGB, he was talking about the “KGB Mafia”. Intrigued, I got in touch with him to learn a little more. I did a quick search on Google, found some Romanian content, some comments on forums and finally an article in English on the site, talksocialistnews, directed by Jack Mills, socialist militant, anarcho-syndicalist. I understood from reading this interview that Oleg seemed to be among the people well-informed about the secret service community. I looked at the one and only portrait of Oleg Grechenevsky, a man with clear eyes, Russian up to his beard. Of course, we do not speak the same language or share the same culture. This is an obstacle, because conversing via the internet, …
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Islamists rule in Algeria

Algeria has hardly ever experienced independence. After the Carthaginian occupation, the golden age of Roman and Christian period (sour subject), the Byzantine interim and the vandal invasions, Algeria has been conquered by Arabs since 7th century. Under the rule of the Ottomans in 1515, then of the French in 1830, it obtained independence only on 3 July 1962... Under the patronage of the Americans and with Soviet instructors in the barracks. Today, after 55 years of FLN lies, the Algerian street is devoted to Islamists, persuaded that "they, at least, will not steal."

Algeria has been independent of France since 1962. The country is rich. It is the world's 18th largestproducer of oil, the 10th largestproducer of natural gas, 98% of its foreign exchange earnings come from gas and oil. But the world decline of oil prices, since 2014, and the decline in oil exports to the United States, who are now exploiting their shale gas, require the Algerian government to make unpopula…